Sebastian Gutzeit

Geodata Manager, City of Rostock

Sebastian works as a geodata manager for the Cadastre Department of the City of Rostock. He concentrates on managing and organizing geographic data within his organization. His expertise lies in collecting, storing, analysing and distributing geospatial data for various purposes. In more figurative terms: imagine a triangle whose corners are computer science, geography and cartography design – he´s somewhere in between. 

1:00 - 1:40 PM

Day 1 Conference

Panel 2 - Smart City

Venue: City Council Hall


In this panel innovative solutions to data management and its application in the cities will be presented. We will explore the magic of geodata. From deeper insight into geospatial data, through digital city maps and smart cadastre to gps systems and radars which facilitate driverless buses. Let´s get smart!